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Orchid thoughts

I think I wrote before that I decided to try orchids as houseplants for two reasons: one, the light in our house is mostly indirect; the house is not dark, it has lots of light, but it's not bright or direct most of the time. Two, Opal chews on things, including plants, and orchids are cat-safe (Serena actually chewed on one of my orchids, too, so really I can't assume any plant is safe. Although she stopped as soon as I told her "no", so it's actually possible she won't do it again, she is a very fast learner and eager to please.)

Most people seem to be into orchids for the blooms, but honestly I like them as much or more for the sculptural quality of the foliage.  My first orchid was a phalaenopsis, but I am really most in love with oncidiums. I love pseudobulbs! Also honestly they seem more hardy than phals are.

All of my orchids have come from Ikea or the grocery store. I am not able or willing to spend a lot of money on orchids; the most I have ever spent was $20 and that was for my Masai Red, aka #8, and it is enormous and included an English ivy and a cute pot. I don't want to spent more than that, tbh: it's still more expensive than the average houseplant.

Since I am buying my orchids at Ikea and grocery stores, I am getting orchids that are mature and flowering. It also means that they are probably not in great condition. I did get lucky with my latest two phals, both from Ikea. They were both astonishingly healthy.  (although it took me only 3 weeks to kill all the roots on #7, I wanted to do an experiment with leca and I did. Now most of the roots are gone and while it looks very healthy, it remains to be seen if it will stay that way) But those orchids were exceptions to the rule, and if I had left them in the potting I bought them in, they wouldn't have been healthy for long.

There are a lot of factors behind this, but essentially, mass-market orchids in bloom are usually not healthy. Some people suggest that you leave yor orchid in the pot it came in until it stops blooming, then repot. I did this several times and the results were never good. Now what I do is, as soon as I get an orchid home, I pop it out of its pot and into a ventilated, clear plastic pot so I can see the roots and the roots can breathe. When it stops blooming, I repot for real: clean the roots and pot it in inorganic media.  Or, if the roots are already in really bad shape, I repot ASAP.
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Failed crosspost

I don't know why On The Naming of Cats (and other Things) didn't crosspost properly and I'm too fucking tired to chase it down.
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Need to sort through.

Too tired to brain so this is exciting all around.

Mostly for me )
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Minor activist phone calls. (Not hard, honest.)

My very own own Senator Ed Markey, along with California Congressman Ted Lieu, has created a bill that would require authorization from Congress (either as a declaration of war or the more-common- of-late authorization of force) before a nuclear strike.

This is a wonderful bill, as it both addresses certain Trumpian problems, /and also/ reinforces that Congress is, actually, the branch that was given the power to declare war in the Constitution. This is a thing that has been taken out of their hands for a long time, which is a problem, separation of powers-wise. (The last declared war? 1942, against some Axis allies.)

I mean, also, I really truly don't think that our current president is the best person to have that kind of unalloyed power in the hands of, but that's only one reason for being so glad about this bill. (It is probably many other people's reason.)

Anyway, it's HR 699/S 200. (House/Senate version. House text.)

If you are so inclined, call your Senators and Congressfolk to urge them to pass it. (202) 224-3121, or use Resistbot. (Text the word "resist" to 50409 to begin.)

Rachelmanijia (who is spearheading this) has more info, a script, and other ideas here, and the campaign is hashtagging it up at #PullTheFootball, if you're Twitter-inclined.

If you're not American, feel free to share the info around anyway; the more folks who get this info, the better.
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Starting Again

I miss journaling, and I find that journaling daily- even if it's just a few words about the events of the day and how I am feeling- is very good for my anxiety. So I am going to make an effort to journal here on an almost-daily basis; I don't want to use LJ anymore due to the new TOS and lack of secure login.

I considered registering a new username. "00goddess" just doesn't feel like who I am anymore, except in the sense that who we are is the sum of all the people and ways we have been. "00goddess" was me as a young woman, bizarrely optimistic and apparently on an upward trajectory. She had experienced a lot of loss, but life seemed to be getting better. I, today, have experienced much much more loss than I had 17 years ago. I'm wiser, I hope, but a lot less optimistic.

In the end I decided to keep this username for now, because I don't know what knew one I would use, and because this is how the people at LJ knew me. "00goddess" was a piece of art that I put most of myself into, and I made a lot of friends along the way. So for now, this is my username.