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Just amazing

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After the success of Dr. Horrible's (Yes, that's two R's) application to the E.L.E. it seems that Bad Horse out out a call for other evil applicants.

You can find a wealth of these on YouTube.

One that caught my eye (go fig) was "Mr. Broadway"

Laughed at this quite a bit.

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[livejournal.com profile] shimmeringjemmy got some good, bad, and hopeful news concerning the medical specialists we're hoping to speak with. She titled a filtered post, "The Good, bad, and hopeful"

I of course immediately responded to her:

Heather stars in, "The Good, The Bad, and the Hopefull" :
"OohWeeOohWeeOohWeeOooh.... womp womp waaaaah;
OohWeeOohWeeOohWeeOooh.... womp OWWW!"

Which I thought was funny right up until I found out she's never actually seen the film.

The theme means nothing to her.

I tried to explain that the theme to "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" is the Spaghetti Western direct equivalent to the theme to Doctor Who.

Unfortunately, the youtube quality is epic fail.

ZOMG: Without my pop culture analogies... I'm NOTHING !!!!!!


But before I go... while I'm on the topic for you WHO fans out there. Came across this amazing pair of comparison videos. See all the Doctor Who intros synched together over the years. One for the pre star field intros and one for the post. It's quite amazing to watch.

Pre Star Field
Hartnell-Tom Baker
Star Field To Present
Tom Baker to present
(including the movie)
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Doctor Who - Blink!!

Kitty style

(Don't blink!!!)

Muchly thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rimrunner for posting the link.
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More details forthcoming...

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Last evening I was YouTube surfing. I came across some old 70's game shows. I was a VORACIOUS game show fan in the 70's.

"Match Game", "Gambit", "High Rollers", "Now You See It", "Jackpot", "Password", "$foo Pyramid", "Gong Show", "Joker's Wild"... And the real "Wheel of Fortune" with Chuck Woolery, Susan Stafford, and buying ceramic dalmatians and putting the rest on a Gift Certificate.

I ate this stuff up.

One in particular was "Treasure Hunt." A really trashy show from the mind of Chuck Barris. (Which should make that statement redundant).
Here's the quick summary from wikipedia )

The show was undeniably exploitation for entertainment purposes.
But then there was Emile Autouri )
And of course because I LOVE the obscure... I've faithfuly recreated a fan page for Mr. Autouri on Facebook.

Below is a YouTube exploration in abject stoicism. Back when Game Shows did fun things.

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This was a part of my weekend, every week when I was a kid.

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I'm not one to typically post about FanVids. If you have access to digital footage and a cheap editting program they are relatively easy to put together.

But like many things you discover they're easy to learn, hard to master.

I've seen FanVids that are basically blasts of images to videos. Sometimes interpretive, usually just literal. I'm old enough to remember the horrible day that MTV showed every submission to the "Madonna: Make my 'True Blue'" video contest.

However, there is a Doctor Who fan who is a highly competent video editor on YouTube. Like many people on YouTube he's turned his postings into 'a channel'

I've placed his commercial below:

Some of his other noteworthy edits:
Spin-Off: The Gallifrey Chronicles (Starring William Hartnell)
Trailer: The Time War (Starring Paul McGann, Christopher Eccelston, and Tom Baker)
Tribute to the New Series: Edited retrospective of series 1-3
Episode Summary: Classic Series
Character: The Master
Character: Doctor 10 (Like you've never seen him before)

Edit Saved the best for last
Trailer: The NEW Two Doctors (starring Tom Baker and David Tennant) Wow
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Came across this video this morning while laid up on the couch.

It's really not what you think. And you will want audio. It's utterly safe for work.

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This is a stunning fan video.

By now most of you have seen the video for "White and Nerdy"

But not like this!

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(Preface: this post is seasoned with a bunch of links. I recommend taking the time to look at the links because it helps explain and compliment the post)

Occasionally, I post strange fun facts that seem to come out of absolutely nowhere.

For example: The term "Pediddel" (Meaning a car missing a headlight) in fact originates to a 1984 episode of "Not Necessarily the News" with its usual segment of Rich Hall's Sniglets.

Some of you may think... What the hell is 'Pedidel?'; Some might think, "Pedidel was a sniglet?'

The real question is, "This is the sh&# that Andrei researches?"

So... If you've ever seen the episode of Pinky and the Brain where the response is, "I think so, Brain, but what if the hippopotamus won't wear the beach thong."... or even if you haven't...

Here's where my brain came from.

I was flipping thru youtube videos and saw a shot of a young girl. Maybe 13-15. It made me think of the one young girl I'd seen on TV that I'd really like to see again. Mary Lou Retton in 1984 taking a perfect score of 10 on the vault. Well, from there it was Torvill and Dean skating to Bolero. This got me wanting to find "ABC's Wide World of Sports."... I knew I'd see "Agony of Defeat" but... I actually wanted to see the whole thing.

I found it, But it was part of an interview with Jim McKay concerning "The agony of defeat." This took me to WikiPedia to look up more about Vinko Bogataj, the man known to most Americans (Over 25) as "The agony of defeat."

This is where I felt inclined to make one of my posts. Talking about the famed "Agony of defeat." A man who received a standing ovation at a high class banquet for the 25th anniversary of ABC's sport show. The ovation confused him, because in his native Yugoslavia he never really got a lot of notice. In the States on the other hand... living legend.

It turns out that Bogataj's mishap is commemorated with a sniglet "Agonosis" meaning, "The syndrome of tuning in on Wide World of Sports every weekend just to watch the skier rack himself."

Well, okay.. an accidental click there in wikipedia on Sniglets and there it is. "Pediddel"

My first thought was, "So that's how it's spelled."

I think it was one of those driving games I learned by rote... And by an ironic twist was a word I discovered that until now, I'd never... um... "Wrote".

The next thought was, 'So it actually started as a sniglet. That's kinda cool.' Well, cool from my point of view.

And this is what I do when sick on the couch.
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Yes, I was raised on television. I had one in my room as a kid. This probably had short and long range bad effects on me.

That being said... I am always happy to discover something obscure. Even more so because I've made one of my first posts to Wikipedia

When I was a kid... (Let's avoid the references to when the rocks were soft) there were 3 main stations. ABC, NBC, and CBS. (There was PBS, and a bunch of hard to tune UHF stations as well)... Oh yeah.. there was a lot of fuzzy white-noise space between them.

My one thrill a year was a program called, "Battle of the Network Stars." Back before greed had gotten out of control, the three networks would collaborate to host a series of fun physical challenges between teams made from the stars of their prime time shows.

The show stared Howard Cosell as sports commentator. Cosell was a television institution that I regret is slowly fading from memory and history.

The show was fun. There was an obstacle course, tug of war, swimming, even one year a pinball contest (which ironically was quickly lost by Elton John) But my fondest memory was of "Simon Says." Not even really a part of the competition it was one man calling the game vs. most of the stars. And the caller was deadly. For years... I've tried to remember anything I can about it. Some of my friends have even fallen prey to my ability to make them lose "Simon Says" in less than 5 moves.

Well tonight while YouTube surfing on my AppleTV (A prize I won at work for helping to test our software), I found a video of Simon Says. The video gave me the master's name. "Lou Goldstein" (Who despite being probably 80 may still be travelling and entertaining. Damn those Borscht Belt mensches!)

So, I appended the article. There was no information on Goldstein. The article now references him and includes an external link to the footage.

In some ways it may seem dated. But it's a pearl of history. And I'm very, VERY, VERY happy to see it still exists. I wish I could explain the really warm feeling I got... get from putting this piece of Television history in Wikipedia.
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I suppose I should post one for the holidays that is overly politically correct.

Here's a video that should be in the collection of most of the people I know:

Dar sings live.
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Last evening the most amazing and incredible [livejournal.com profile] s00j posted a holiday video. (Nooooot completely politically correct) The video was of the amazing ventriloquist Jeff Dunham (The man with a jalapeno...on a steek)

So in response.. I offer a flash video by the ficticious Indian boy-band, "Boymongoose"

Is it politically correct? Oh.. probably not. Am I going to hell? Oh.. probably not.

To preface, I must admit.. when I accidently stumbled on this video, I kinda blew it off at first. Flash video really has to be good to keep my attention. But when I paid attention to the lyrics I fell deeply into politically incorrect
chuckles. Watch for 6, 8, and up.

Heavens.. I really shouldn't be laughing at this. But I am :)

Good video

Dec. 11th, 2007 10:03 am
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Check out more of these guys at: Rhett and Link dot com

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[livejournal.com profile] princekermit earlier today posted a stunningly awesome Christmas medley of which I'd learned the first half while I was at Carnegie Mellon. (Note, I didn't say attending)

It's been amazingly expanded in his version. This got me searching on YouTube for other wonderful Acapella I adore.

I thought I'd post a few that are (IMNSHO) musts.

"Looking for an Echo" - The Persuasions

"Riu Chiu" - The Monkees
That's right. And I will always be indebted to [livejournal.com profile] lrstrobel for this.

Also thank to [livejournal.com profile] lrstrobel this isn't traditional Acapella but still amazing:
"Ave Maria" - Bobby McFerrin

"Caravan of Love" - The Housemartins
While we're on a religious bend; I could talk for hours on this one. Listen for the chord ending:
"Now the children of the world can SEE. It's a better place for us to BE"

"The Longest Time" - Billy Joel

"Under the Boardwalk" - True Image vs. Rockapella
True Image loses this battle hands down.

General Promo - The GrooveBarbers
Sean Altman's group after Rockapella

"The lion sleeps tonight" - The Tokens
This is the consummate (almost)acapella piece with a stunning CGI video.

Wimoweh - Pete Seegar
the true African chant that brought the tones of Lion to the US.

"Honest Work" - Todd Rundgren
A rare live performance from Rundgren's studio album "Acapella". Phenomenal harmonies.

Oh yeah...

"Happy together" - The Nylons

That'll do for now.
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A Bit of Fry & Laurie - Shakespeare Master Class

I've taken this class... Masterfully done by two comic geniuses

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