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Playing on vacation

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Just amazing

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.. I started laughing so hard I had to turn this off.

Sarah Palin (As portrayed by Tina Fey) and Hillary Clinton (As portrayed by Amy Poehler) introduce the new season of Saturday Night Live with a discussion of Sexism in the upcoming election.

TV Guide calls this one a tie because it's impossible to tell who is funnier.


And now we know what a FLIRG is.
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I realize it's a work day and all... But for about the next hour or so you can find me at:
Yahoo Broadcast
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More details forthcoming...

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Came across this video this morning while laid up on the couch.

It's really not what you think. And you will want audio. It's utterly safe for work.

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You want sound on this one ;)

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This is a stunning fan video.

By now most of you have seen the video for "White and Nerdy"

But not like this!


Good video

Dec. 11th, 2007 10:03 am
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Check out more of these guys at: Rhett and Link dot com

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So, a few people told me this weekend that I haven't been posting as much YouTube(tm) as I had been.

Said people, said .. I should post more.

Today was [livejournal.com profile] aiden_freeman's first birthday. You may have seen a picture .

A full length video is forthcoming. (I need to edit out the excess)...

Well, below the cut is a teaser video.

This is a boy... and his cake.

YUMMMM..... )
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I found this video among posts for DragonCon attendees.

This is a commercial for a costume shop... or is it?

Having lived in that part of the country, I could firmly believe this is real.

You decide for yourself. (Some language NSFW)

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So there are 3 youtube videos for the day.

They are behind the cut to prevent flooding your screens.

Video 1) : Igudesman And Joo - A classical violinist and pianist who tribute Victor Borge and Dudley Moore. Their act is called "A Little Nightmare Music". The video here is a comentary on the size of hands necessary to successfully play Rachmaninov.
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] shimmeringjemmy for the link.

Quick link to embeded youtube video. )

Video 2) : Which got me thinking about Dudley Moore. Moore was an hugely accomplished pianist who injected the comedy of classical music into his playing. The video here is Moore showing the real secrets behind Beethoven.

Quick link to embeded youtube video. )

Video 3) : While showing these videos to coworkers, one requested I look for this one.The video here has nothing to do with classical music at all. It is however a humourous re-editing of 'familiar science-fiction' into a public service announcement that only is trying to help.

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I was prompted to post this morning, not because of the video but because of a comment associated with it:

For a little history, this Sesame Street segment dates back to about 1971. It ran until about 1974. It features a character now lost to history: Roosevelt Franklin. The character and his mother perform an R&B recitation of the alphabet.

One user posted:
I don't think you could get away today with depicting black people as puppets in a stereotypical way. Not pc. But I meant crazy in an over the top effort kind of way to be funny - crazy is a funny way ... I'm not so into this stuff, my 36 yr old sister sent this to me - this stuff cracks her up

Sadly, one of the things that Sesame Street seems to have lost is non-monster muppets. The sound effects man with the Derby, Prairie Dawn, and the Roosevelt Franklin kids did more for the show and culture than people gave them credit for. Franklin and family were lavender. The Sound effects man (and one of Roosevelt's friends) were royal blue. When put along the already multi-racial human cast... who had time to organize characters by colour. It was simply another distinguishing feature. Personally, I think the show did wonders to reduce the concept of racism in a very subtle and downright-subversive manner.

The video does admittedly show puppets 'of colour' performing what is pretty much contemporary 'new york urban' music of the early 70's. Schoolhouse rock also utilized this technique in the video's for six, nine, and verb. Personally, I don't find this "stereotyping" anymore than showing anything appreciated by any subset of society. You might as well outlaw "Villa Alegra", "Happy Days", and "You Can't Do That On Television" because they are aimed at cultural subsets.

Here's the snippet. You decide:

If you want to see the horrid underbelly of edumacation sic.
Here's a treat in appreciation of irony and satire.

Kudos to the writers at MadTV for these rips on Schoolhouse Rock. Here's another one and one more and one last one.
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This time it's a YouTube Video AAAAND a Poll.

That's right kids... This is Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister in the video for his cover of Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles.

So.. you tell me.

[Poll #908969]
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I shouldn't read Fark... ever.

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I had a dream when i was studying film directing that I was going to make a series of films with one or two scenes that over lapped in the movies.

In one scene the main characters would be walking down the street while some 'derelict?' got thrown out of a bar. Random extra that almost knocks into our characters who notice it and move on.

In another film our star would be in a bar after a really bad day and get into a fight and get thrown out. As he stumbles out of the bar he practically falls on two passer-bys who notice him and then move on.

The trick being to always have the same actors. Oh, maybe you didn't notice that the uncredited drunk in movie one was Johnny Depp, But after the first film gets referenced in the second.. it becomes the director's signature.

I actually had the idea in junior high school, long before the music video revolution and definitely before John Waite. There's a really bizarre scene in John Waite's video for "Missing You" where he hangs up the phone and then walks by a bunch of people pointing up looking off camera. It really makes almost no sense.

Of course, there's also John Waite's video for "Change" which deals with a crazed jumper being talked down by a negotiator while below several people look up and point.

Cut tag: No.. it's not a coincience... Come look )
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Here's a short one:

Ninja Kitties!
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They say, if you see any one thing enough times it becomes completely ingrained. The younger you are, the more it is permanently bonded to the brain.

These are the intros to a lot of the programming I watched as a kid. How many do you remember?

No.. the list is only the tip of the avalanche.. But I'd love to hear what I missed.

Here is my video list for the day:
First my underwriters (PBS Intro)
To quote early Gilligan's Island: And the Rest... )

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