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If you hear any of us making this odd comment over the next few days; I must explain.

We're moving into the final 10 days of packing. As a result I commented yesterday that for the first day or two we'll still be telling people, "No, let's sort... let's arrange"... which of course will be followed by the last 3 days of, "F*@#&K IT, THROW IT IN A BOX"

This of course was followed with me suggesting the following scene..

I tap on a box. I tap on another box. I tap on the third box and a muffled voice says, "Appo Jews?" (tr: Apple Juice)

Ah, that's where the toddler got to.

With this image [livejournal.com profile] jnanacandra and [livejournal.com profile] tzaddi_93 were convulsing.

Note: No toddlers were actually boxed in the proposal of this humourous potential incident.
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We need a sitter from 10am to 2 pm on Sunday.
Initial sitter plans just fell through. ANY HELP APPRECIATED. Email or IM me

Sorry for the late notice. :-/
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So we ran out for breakfast this morning at the local diner. Aiden is voracious for their eggs and pancakes.

Then we tried to get Salt and a snow shovel as well as water for the house. The latter was the only hit as apparently salt and shovels were sold out EVERYWHERE by Thursday.

All of this and we got home at 1pm. Late brunch, but still a snack. Aiden is down to sleep at 1:15. We let him sleep until 3:30 pm.


It takes us from 8:15 until 10:15 to get him to actually sleep.

I'm going to hope that he'll sleep until 6 tonight.
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Big Edit: My boy is not on a breathing tube. I couldn't come up with the term for an Inhaler Spacer. Sorry for the scare.


All of my flow seems trapped at the pipe between the road and the house. It's sort of cordoned off.

So I'm going to refer to this as Water-Gate.


Last evening we made a trip to "Red Bullseye Store" and got a case of 6 gallon containers of purified water. (I now know that it takes 2.5 gallons to flush a toilet.

This morning we ran to Top Market and got 2 5-gallon jugs of drinking water. I tried last evening boiling down some fresh fallen snow and then putting it through the Britta water filter. Even top layer snow was kind of scary looking and when I put the boiled down snow into the filter; I think I heard it whimper... or scream.

Planned dinner last night was Andrei's famous Spaghetti and Sauce-Meat. With the discovery of water lacking yesterday.. that got pushed off. We decided to acquire food from the finest of France, "Les Arches d'Or."

This evening however, I was hell bent on making the dinner come together.

I think I was able to do dinner on 1/2 gallon of water. And my conservation efforts worked miracles.

The pot the spaghetti cooked in was the lower pot of the steamer for the vegetables. The spaghetti pot drained into the sauce meat pot for cleaning purposes.

In general all of the dishes have been fairly well rinsed and can be cleaned completely with a damp wash cloth and some soap.

Dinner was appreciated by all.

So... tonight, H & a play with Bubble Wrap. "Buh-bool" is his newest word. He's picking up a new word almost every other day. And they aren't easy ones. This week's have been "Puppy", "Snow" and "Bubble". Snow makes me very happy, because it is a consonant cluster. Hopefully, this wont mess up his eventual study of Japanese.

While on the topic of the little "a"... I showed them Madagascar last night. Amusingly; when the "Move It" song came on; Aiden started to dance. Real dancing. Bouncing up and down to the music, twisting his hips, and swinging his arms.

But the real story comes from Wednesday and Thursday night.

Many have scoffed at the fact that we put Aiden down 'manually' every night. This means we are in his bedroom with him from the time we intend him to go to sleep until he's asleep. At one time this could be upwards of 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. We got an iPod speaker system and programmed up some sleepy music. This came as a result at marvelling how amazingly DayCare could get him down for noon time nap. AND!!! AND!!! have it stick for 2 hrs.

So... this has added to the effort which has been improving. I'd say over the last month we've gotten him down in 15-20 minutes. And truthfully... I really don't mind spending bedtime with him :)

But.. the real struggle is getting him to stay down. Like clockwork he tended to wake up at 10pm and 1am. At 10 pm I'd work to get him down again. At 1am... I usually was in bed and just picked him up and put him back into bed with us.

Wednesday Aiden wandered out while I was in the bathroom after H had gone to sleep. C picked him up. I came out and took him. We went back in his room. I asked if he needed to be changed and he made a yes-ish noise. I turned to the closet; fetched what I needed, turned around and he was out again. Normally, getting him back down after he's gotten out of bed is very difficult. This was an amazing change. He didn't seem wet... so I let him sleep. At about 12:30 he woke again. He looked at me and made his sign for drink. (He makes the ASL sign for food and tips his head back as if he's slamming a drink). I asked him to wait in bed while I refilled his cup. Again.. this is something we wish for that never happens. Well, until Wednesday. I brought him the cup, he took a sip and went back to sleep. I turned in assuming he'd not really gone back to sleep and I'd hear from him within 15 minutes or so. Or would I. When I heard him cry at the gate for our bedroom door I checked the clock and it was 3:15 am. A new Aiden record. Glee.

Until Thursday. Aiden slept in until 5:50 am. I get up at 6am typically. If I can get Aiden to stay in his bed until 6 am regularly. I consider that a complete win.

Last night was about 1:15am. About normal. But... I really think we're making great progress. As for tonight... well.. it's almost 8pm... So we'll see how that went shortly.

No water... No real social life. Cancelled one of the few social events of the past 5 months that I have.

But things are going.

Fingers x'ed

Oh yes. One more thing...

Aiden is now fully capable to handle his inhaler. He can shake it, insert it in the breathing tube and knows where to press. He's not quite strong enough on his own. He's a marvellous growing person.
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We had an late afternoon snack of hummus and pita at the hotel. Aiden was VORACIOUS. (It was really good)

Maybe too much. Aiden didn't really eat his dinner. He had a little chicken. Off to bed and asleep by 8:30 pm.
I got into bed around 10:30pm. King sized, sooooft pillows. About 11:15 Aiden started to toss. A lot of toss. more toss than usual. about 11:30 Aiden completely tossed. As in his cookies all over the bed and to varying degree us.

Kudos to the housekeeping staff for helping us thru that mini disaster. We entertained Aiden during the bed, sheet, and towel replacement with shorts from his newest favourite movie, "Wall-E." This may be the first film I've bought without seeing first. I'm fully justified. Will watch it many times.

Boy and mommy are trying to relax back into redressed bed. Aiden now guarded in a towel fort in case of further surprise tonight.

Let's just hope it was a nervous stomach and not something worse. More in the morning.
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Yes, I admit it. I have a lot of pictures of [livejournal.com profile] aiden_freeman. I'm averaging about 700 a year. Every now and then I try to get artistic. Sometimes... art just happens.

A few weekends ago, we took Aiden to Wild Waves park. He's been eagerly loading himself into the car. On this trip, he got in the car and pressed up against the window for the first time. I was fortunate to have my cell camera ready. I'm actually really happy with how this picture came out.

Main picture behind the cut. )
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Let's start with the relevant icons to explain:

So... we have the new Prius. And it has all the trimmings. Including the ones we couldn't get when we first went shopping for one 3 years ago. Satnav (Atmos can not be disabled!), Bluetooth, 5 disc CD.. and a cassette deck.

Today I purchased a cassette adaptor. I plugged it into my iPhone and fired up the Doctor Who theme for [livejournal.com profile] aiden_freeman

Playing on the car's really nice sound system...Aiden was giddy. He loves the theme.

Afterwards as usual he babbled a bit at said he requisite, "Doc-Doc?" Which is very good and we encourage him.

Then he blew our minds. After babbling from the back seat we hear him go:

Ooooh Weeee Ooooh.

It took the better part of 5 minutes for us to recover ourselves. The toddler grinning ear to ear at his accomplishment.

This is my boy and I AM a PROUD father.
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More details forthcoming...

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I think we're turning the corner.

Aiden has won himself one more free night's stay in Chez Hospital tonight.

While his breathing is no longer constricted and his treatments have moved from once every two hours to once every 4 hours our primary concern remains the oxygenation of his blood while he sleeps.

From my understanding this is the % of red blood cells carrying oxygen in them. Absolutely healthy is 100%. All your red blood cells are showing oxygenization. If this dips down to 95% that's getting down to the minimum where people start being concerned.

When Aiden has been sleeping the last two nights it has been down as low as 83%. This necessitated Aiden being given Oxygen directly. And let me assure you, putting a nose tube on a two year old is not a walk in the park. You know, it's not even a barefoot walk on hot coals without Yogic treatment.

Also, with regular 2 hr treatments of albuterol, Aiden was really ramped up.

Well, this afternoon at 12:45 we tried to put him down for a nap. (This has been a nightmare the past 2 days)
Within 10 minutes (and a healthy dosage of the requisite "Sirens") he was completely out.

Aiden sleeps and we are still seeing 95% on his O2 levels. The basic hospital policy on pediatrics is not to release a child unless they have gone 24 hours without needing to have O2 administered. So... hopefully this is turning the corner and I'm not tempting fate by pointing it out.

Click the image for a larger version
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Aiden in the hospital
Aiden in the hospital
Aiden in the hospital about 1.5 weeks before his second birthday for something between a virus and asthma. He is mostly enjoying his stay

Click Picture for larger view

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While we have Aiden's breathing improved. He's still labouring. We've also got him on treatments that tend to race the heart a little. That's right... vibrating toddler. So much fun.

The Doctor's opinion is that Aiden is going to be getting a room at Chez-Healthmart tonight.

That way we can monitor how things are doing for him.

I will post a phone number on a fairly tight filter. I can also be reached via cell and IM this evening.

More as we know more.

Thank you for the well wishes
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Some of you may notice, I'm not performing Mass today as planned.

[livejournal.com profile] aiden_freeman had a very bad night with his breathing. Coughing throughout the night and a lot of laboured breathing.

Our standard routine for this is to bring him into the hospital for evaluation. They give him a stronger treatment of Albuterol... Do X-Rays to check for Pneumonia, and then discharge him once the treatment has started to kick in.

The usual procedure is to continue the Albuterol and apprise his pediatrician if things get worse. Normally, this does the trick.

Today however, the treatment began to wear off as we were leaving the hospital. It's not supposed to do that.
Within an hour he was back to the state he was in this morning. Heavy wheezing, laboured breathing... and now there was a fever.

We headed back to the hospital and I put the call into the pediatrician. We also pulled [livejournal.com profile] jonah777 who'd been on standby since the first hospital alert this morning.

Hospital clocked him in at 101º F. Which is enough to have us doing more to check.

He's since been given more Albuterol. And some Tylenol and some steroid. This may take 4-6 hours.

Current prognosis is that he may get himself his first overnight stay at the hospital.

We'll keep people posted... And I'll be online via the usual mechanisms.
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I want to know how this wiring works between father and son.

Since having "A" I have discovered that I am an absolute pawn to media over small children.

Commercials with them make me contemplate the product. Movies with them make me defensive.

And don't get me started about Mufasa's death scene in "Lion King"

Recently, I've been watching "The Guild" - this is the program that effectively inspired "Dr. Horrible" to be made.

The basic plot is a series of "Insert your favourite WoW like game" addicts trying to interact with the real world.

The irony is not without merit, but it was really hard for me to enjoy this over time due to a need for suspending not only disbelief but also resigning some core issues that have developed as a parent.

I suppose it just goes too far into the realm of "Look how disfunctional online game addiction can make you."

To be honest I absolutely resent two of the characters, have no pity for the rest, and can not even laugh at the jokes about children. I don't know if I can make it through more episodes after numbers 6 and 7.

Don't get me wrong. I salute them for the work done on this guerilla project. It's amazing and a great step for independent-made-for-internet entertainment. I'm just personally not entertained.

I used to have a very macabre sense of humour. Verging on warped, twisted, and actually broken in 3 places likely needing a permanent pin.

But each episode just makes me more an more uncomfortable.

What happened to my sense of humour?
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We went on a day trip today. Our plan was to go to Port Townsend by way of the Mulketeo-Clinton Ferry to Whidbey Island. The Keystone Ferry however had a 2 ferry waiting list. So... we optend to just drive up Whidbey.

A few years ago we drove up there and stumbled onto a carnival at a local park that had a playground. The carnival wasn't there this year. But the park was quite nice. It had some wonderful equiptment for [livejournal.com profile] aiden_freeman to climb on. It also had two great slides. (See the new pictures in my Aiden 18-24 month LJ gallery)

One of the nice attractions of the park was a small controlled lake area that fed off the sound. It had a water slide, a swimming area, and plastic paddle boats you could rent for $5/ 1/2 hr. All three of us got life jackets and we rode around the lake.

Aiden was in his glee.

Below is probably one of my favourite photos to date of him. He is so full of happiness, life, and intelligence.

I think we're doing a quite fine job with him.

Very happy Aiden in Oak Harbour on a boat
Very happy Aiden in Oak Harbour on a boat
Picture taken on a rented paddleboat on a mini lake in Oak Harbour on 080713
Click the photo for a larger view

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With Aiden recovering on the couch today we decided tonight would make for a good movie night.

We discovered some film cravings missing from "The Library" which will soon be rectified.

While looking, however, something odd happened. Aiden (being held by H) started pointing at the collection.
"Would you like to pick the movie, tonight?" I asked.

Figuring he'd just connect with whatever DVD H walked to, it was an exercise in amusement.

However... Aiden's finger zeroed in on a specific DVD. It was obvious he'd picked one. Moreso when as we got closer he reached for the one he was pointing to and pulled it from the shelf. He'd pointed at the same one all the time.

Granted... it was the big pink one that stood out from the black and blue of the other jewel boxes.

So Aiden's selection tonight: "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"
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I've always been impressed how in cop shows they can tell the age of a random person. The really amazing thing is that they do this without cutting them in half and counting the rings.

Today, after getting picked up at my bus, a father walked by with an infant. I looked at H and said, "6 months?", she agreed.

Before having one myself... I was useless at aging a child.

I'd ask, "So how old is he? 3 yrs"
"No Andrei, she's 9 months"

"Okay, so she's like 5 right?"
"no, I'm 10"

Now... oh, now... Now I know what physical milestones occur to the month. I know when the head is likely to be up unsupported. I know when certain levels of motor control occur. Now granted, I've learned this not only from having a recently acquired model of my own. But because having one of these devices seems to give you every right to invade in every other parent's life with the obnoxious question, "Ooh, How old"

I think the question is designed solely to give a parent a warm fuzzy about their own child's developmental progress.

Yes... my new super power. Telling the age of a toddler or infant without cutting them in half and counting the rings.
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As you can see by the time.... it's... late.

Well, I guess it's only about 1:15 in the afternoon if you're in Greece ;)

Sadly here, we are experiencing a parental milestone.

The child has awoken us by sharing his unhappy stomach in bed with us.

Of course this begins with chaos RIPPING you from the warm embrace of unconsciousness.

You then move into controlled, battle mode. Making sure everything is cleaned, washed, changed while ABOVE ALL
keeping the scared toddler consoled.

That was at 2am.. it is 3:15 am. The scared, now stomach-empty boy is cherubically back to dream world.

I however, am still kicked on adrenaline and trying to make my eyes stop burning from the slowly clearing din of tainted air.

Great.. it takes vomit at 3am to help me turn a phrase.

I'll be sleeping in.. maybe
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I haven't posted one of these in a while... But this one was fun:

lordandrei: Leaving campus
lordandrei: Hi Aiden
lordandrei: Does mommy know you're typing to me?
shimmeringjemmy:she does now
lordandrei: heh
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So, Aiden is 20 months old today. That's 1 2/3 yrs. Wow..

19 months was very difficult. It's causing a bit of a shakeup in my world and the cleanup is underway.

This month Aiden spent the good portion of a day in daycare. (6 hrs) This was very difficult on me even though I don't spend that time with him anyway due to work. The upside is that it worked out very well for all concerned. [livejournal.com profile] shimmeringjemmy had a day of personal work, recuperation, and gardening. (Oh, happy Cancer)

Aiden is undeniably a toddler. An independent and "WILLFUL" personality has emerged. He is more and more amazingly interactive. Yesterday, when we got home after work I retrieved the garbage pails from the curb while H & a unloaded from the car. About halfway down the driveway I bent down and opened my arms for a hug. Aiden tore into a (toddler) sprint and jumped up into my arms. It was beyond adorable.

The word, "Hi" is his mainstay. I'm pretty sure he knows what it means. Though everything is a greeting to him. Even getting attention. I think he equates it to also mean, "Excuse me." With "Hi" has also come waving. He definitely has different hand motions for "hi" and "bye"... And whenever we say, "Say 'bye-bye'" he does is farewell wave.
more details and infinitely cuter pictures )

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