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Apparently, WordPress tracks how the blog does in a year. This was a good year for the blog. The stats are here at this link.

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Back in September of 2004, I did a lecture on ceremonial rituals. This involved using the word קבּלה. For those of you on non-unicode systems that is loosely spelled kabalah. (the k could be a c, there may or may not be an h on the end, the number of b's and l's may vary more than your car's mileage, יאדא, יאדא, יאדא)

So in October, I decided to look around LJ and find out... how do people think they spell it?

Going back thru old posts today I found this one and decided to update the information. What is the most popular English spelling for the word? Over the past 2 1/2 yrs... have people learned to spell? Does anyone even care about the topic still?

So... I've modified the old post with new information.

Feel free to comment here or there.

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Since LJ only affords you 150 interests and I've already looked up 24 spellings for caballah... I finally gave up and deleted them all.

I list קבּלה as an interest.

Which I believe as of this posting I'm the only one.

BTW: For those that don't have hebrew characters in their OS I used the word in Hebrew. (I think my spelling is correct :)

And for those really curious:

A sample of spellings and the number using them )

update: 020070214
Added links to interests.
Updated counts from 020041008
Added My spelling
Showed new trend data from 3 years.

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