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And now I’m pinned.

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So we ran out for breakfast this morning at the local diner. Aiden is voracious for their eggs and pancakes.

Then we tried to get Salt and a snow shovel as well as water for the house. The latter was the only hit as apparently salt and shovels were sold out EVERYWHERE by Thursday.

All of this and we got home at 1pm. Late brunch, but still a snack. Aiden is down to sleep at 1:15. We let him sleep until 3:30 pm.


It takes us from 8:15 until 10:15 to get him to actually sleep.

I'm going to hope that he'll sleep until 6 tonight.
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Big Edit: My boy is not on a breathing tube. I couldn't come up with the term for an Inhaler Spacer. Sorry for the scare.


All of my flow seems trapped at the pipe between the road and the house. It's sort of cordoned off.

So I'm going to refer to this as Water-Gate.


Last evening we made a trip to "Red Bullseye Store" and got a case of 6 gallon containers of purified water. (I now know that it takes 2.5 gallons to flush a toilet.

This morning we ran to Top Market and got 2 5-gallon jugs of drinking water. I tried last evening boiling down some fresh fallen snow and then putting it through the Britta water filter. Even top layer snow was kind of scary looking and when I put the boiled down snow into the filter; I think I heard it whimper... or scream.

Planned dinner last night was Andrei's famous Spaghetti and Sauce-Meat. With the discovery of water lacking yesterday.. that got pushed off. We decided to acquire food from the finest of France, "Les Arches d'Or."

This evening however, I was hell bent on making the dinner come together.

I think I was able to do dinner on 1/2 gallon of water. And my conservation efforts worked miracles.

The pot the spaghetti cooked in was the lower pot of the steamer for the vegetables. The spaghetti pot drained into the sauce meat pot for cleaning purposes.

In general all of the dishes have been fairly well rinsed and can be cleaned completely with a damp wash cloth and some soap.

Dinner was appreciated by all.

So... tonight, H & a play with Bubble Wrap. "Buh-bool" is his newest word. He's picking up a new word almost every other day. And they aren't easy ones. This week's have been "Puppy", "Snow" and "Bubble". Snow makes me very happy, because it is a consonant cluster. Hopefully, this wont mess up his eventual study of Japanese.

While on the topic of the little "a"... I showed them Madagascar last night. Amusingly; when the "Move It" song came on; Aiden started to dance. Real dancing. Bouncing up and down to the music, twisting his hips, and swinging his arms.

But the real story comes from Wednesday and Thursday night.

Many have scoffed at the fact that we put Aiden down 'manually' every night. This means we are in his bedroom with him from the time we intend him to go to sleep until he's asleep. At one time this could be upwards of 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. We got an iPod speaker system and programmed up some sleepy music. This came as a result at marvelling how amazingly DayCare could get him down for noon time nap. AND!!! AND!!! have it stick for 2 hrs.

So... this has added to the effort which has been improving. I'd say over the last month we've gotten him down in 15-20 minutes. And truthfully... I really don't mind spending bedtime with him :)

But.. the real struggle is getting him to stay down. Like clockwork he tended to wake up at 10pm and 1am. At 10 pm I'd work to get him down again. At 1am... I usually was in bed and just picked him up and put him back into bed with us.

Wednesday Aiden wandered out while I was in the bathroom after H had gone to sleep. C picked him up. I came out and took him. We went back in his room. I asked if he needed to be changed and he made a yes-ish noise. I turned to the closet; fetched what I needed, turned around and he was out again. Normally, getting him back down after he's gotten out of bed is very difficult. This was an amazing change. He didn't seem wet... so I let him sleep. At about 12:30 he woke again. He looked at me and made his sign for drink. (He makes the ASL sign for food and tips his head back as if he's slamming a drink). I asked him to wait in bed while I refilled his cup. Again.. this is something we wish for that never happens. Well, until Wednesday. I brought him the cup, he took a sip and went back to sleep. I turned in assuming he'd not really gone back to sleep and I'd hear from him within 15 minutes or so. Or would I. When I heard him cry at the gate for our bedroom door I checked the clock and it was 3:15 am. A new Aiden record. Glee.

Until Thursday. Aiden slept in until 5:50 am. I get up at 6am typically. If I can get Aiden to stay in his bed until 6 am regularly. I consider that a complete win.

Last night was about 1:15am. About normal. But... I really think we're making great progress. As for tonight... well.. it's almost 8pm... So we'll see how that went shortly.

No water... No real social life. Cancelled one of the few social events of the past 5 months that I have.

But things are going.

Fingers x'ed

Oh yes. One more thing...

Aiden is now fully capable to handle his inhaler. He can shake it, insert it in the breathing tube and knows where to press. He's not quite strong enough on his own. He's a marvellous growing person.
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Still shaking the last vestiges of June-Goo '08.

Tues/Thurs was the worst of this infestation. Which was really weird because I was utterly down for the count both days yet was functional in the office on Wednesday. Very weird.

Despite my hatred of the growing police state we live in, I signed away my life for some Pseudophedrine. The only think that kicks the crap out of severe congestion and flu for me.

The reason you have to sign for it now, is because some morons decided it was a great substance with which to make methamphetimines. And since the current US government treats its people as more likely to commit a crime than be honest, the drugs are no longer over the counter.

Amphetamines were known by another term in the 70s. Speed. Pseudophedrine is in fact related to amphetamines.

Which leads me back to this post.

We got in from Avenue Q last night around 11:30. I pretty much fell over in exhaustion congested to the back of my head at midnight. But not before taking to Pseudophedrine. At about 2:45 I woke up. Jittery and WIDE AWAKE.

This is not going to be very conducive for the rest of my day or weekend. I'm solo parenting "a" this afternoon and evening while "H" does mass. I obviously must be awake and focussed. This is humous while I sit here on a Saturday before 6am scratching at the feeling of the hair on my arms because I feel slightly like a strung out junky.

I suppose the good side of this is that I only get this wired on the stuff when it's reaching the end of its usefulness. Translation: If I take it easy today (and its a non-work day) I should be healthy by the time I go to sleep.

This would be exceedingly good because the mantra I have this weekend is, "When I awake tomorrow, Grecian travelers will be en route home."
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I normally don't get to bed until about midnight. Of late I toss and turn throughout the night. I've been able to see most hours on my clock during the night from waking up. To be honest... a good bit of waking has been from some well placed kicks from a tiny foot.

Last night however, I went down hard. No clue why. For the first time in quite a long time, I slept until my alarm. This is interesting to me because I usually wake on my own an hour before it goes off.

My guess is that the tiny foot creature had a sound sleep.

The downside of sleeping through to alarm is that I have no recollection of any of my dreams at all. I am pretty sure I had them. Yes, pushing on my brain at the moment; I can remember something about a magic store (that had no magic tricks in it).

So.. not too bad. 7 hrs of sleep. Got into a dream state.

I wonder if it's this "new pillow from Pacific Coast Feather Company."


Edit: Yes, yes... make sure you have the right name of the company.
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Been working on this one most of the day. This is the first of several. Also.. if you post this meme or have posted it... please comment with a link to your post so I can jump on yours.

and now...

Comment on this post and say Pardon me, sir. Do you have any Grey Poupon or something like that. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

Here are the first set(s) that I was asked about:

From [livejournal.com profile] princekermit:

קבּלה - I use the Hebrew spelling because this word is most usually spelled wrong as Kaballah. No really, to see what I mean, check out this post.

Anyway, I loved codes as a kid. I've actually invented one or two cyphers that I think 'intelligence organizations' might be interested in. That being said... Kaballah is my cypher into mysticism. It blends esoterica with coded treasure finding. Quite fun.

cocoa development - I have been a professional (meanin' gettin' paid fer it) software engineer for about 15 years. But the thing is that I have maybe four formal college classes in the field. Everything else was learned outside college. I was a Theatre and Radio/TV production major. One of the major things that is 'expected' of an SE is good knowledge of "basic libraries". Effecitively, knowing not just how to use the card catalogue, but where the common reference books are, and about 25-50% of the contents of those reference books. When I joined the industry... I was a bit behind. Ask my coworkers about my C++ knowledge. They'll agree. Cocoa... was a new library that appeared while I was in the industry. (Those of you who are NeXTies can just hush up now)... So.. I got the same jump as others. I like the language of Objective -C and I love the Cocoa Libraries. (Very intuitive)... So I have a high interest in Cocoa Development.

esoteric trivia - When I was a kid, my dad had a Trivia encyclopaedia. And let me tell you this was obscure stuff. It was alphabetical and included alpha-numerics. It was like reading wikipedia in places. Entries like: 1313 - The Mockingbird Lane street address of the Munsters. Since then, I have grown to be a fount of (perceived to be) useless information. I love it. Sometimes people actually get an "Oh? Really?!?!" moment out of it and take it with them. To me... that makes it worth it.

ethical hedonism - Hedonism is the absolute pursuit of pleasure. Or more essentially that good and bad can be equated with pleasure and pain. Now... I've never been a fan of such vague terms as "Good", "Evil", "Pain", etc. Personally, I view the process of ethical hedonism, as using the feelings of pleasure to drive an understanding of True Will. Rather than simply add 'and vice versa' I want to describe that the process works backwards as well. As I learn more about myself as a person, it steers what does and doesn't feel good. And if you really want to know what drove this description... ask [livejournal.com profile] shimmeringjemmy about the first time she kissed me.

These last three are tricky. I read them and thought, "Are they in my interest list?" Nope.. They are in my dislike list. But you listed them.

my self image - I honestly don't dislike who I am. But I have a very difficult time being fair to myself about my image. I am hypercritical and often convinced I'm not as good, pretty, thin, etc as I really should be.

scientology - This one is simple. Short and sweet. The first contact potential members have with this organization is thinly veiled brainwashing. After you join the brain washing becomes more severe. And I can not respect or like or support any organization that attracts its members through coersion.

sun saturn conjunction - This is just something i have to deal with. What this means is that in my birthchart, the planet Saturn was in the sky in a similar place to the sun. From an astrological point of view it represents limits placed on self. Don't like it.
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I haven't decided if I'm playing yet. So.. the current status is no.

So, this morning I have been swamped with IMs... How did it go?

Well, the good was that Aiden stayed asleep in his bed for several hours. I'd put a gate up at the end of the bedroom corridor and a 2nd gate in the open doorway of the master bedroom.

And then daddy genes kicked in. Is it too cold in his room. Is he sleeping okay? What if the gate comes down? Will he fall down the kitchen stairs to the basement.

That's right... he slept... I didn't.

Somewhere between midnight and 1 I heard the crying. I suppose this is good because it would inevitably lead to me getting more sleep.

I wandered into his room. He was sitting up in bed crying. The "Where is everyone? Why is it dark?" cry. I picked him up. He quickly went limp on my shoulder. I moved the night light from the corridor back to the bathroom. I took down the gates. I got into bed. And he promptly climbed onto [livejournal.com profile] shimmeringjemmy's head.

At least she'd gotten a good couple of hours sleep going in as well.

So.. experiment 1 went as expected with the side effect of me suffering result anxiety.

Whether we try again tonight I'll have to contemplate. This will probably occur at work and be followed by my office-mate waking me up.

Onward and upwards
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[livejournal.com profile] shimmeringjemmy and [livejournal.com profile] aiden_freeman have just turned in.

SJ made it to 11:10... Aiden was not so lucky (Oh, you know you want to click thru)

6 hrs, 45 minutes to go.

Restroom soon my last post of the day and then 12 more posts in the overnight hours.

Special online hugs to [livejournal.com profile] shadesong who I know is now approaching 2:30 am. I do not envy her having to do 9am to 9am.

You can still sponsor me throughout the blogathon at:
Registration required
You can sponsor by the hour or a simple monetary donation.
Thanks to my sponsors so far. We've raised $376.77 for Planned Parenthood

I also recommend he following blogathon bloggers:
[livejournal.com profile] shadesong* is raising money for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
[livejournal.com profile] rhiannonstone* is raising money for San Francisco Sex Information

*I am a sponsor of this Blog for Blogathon
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Maybe it's not time yet to celebrate.. But I am sleeping. Both of us are. It's not the 6-9 hrs that we're used to. But there are sleeps and naps.

I feel rested. I could use more.. who couldn't.

I'm taking lots of pictures of the boy. I finally got one I'm really happy with on his journal. I made his journal paid so I could add pictures.

Personally, I could really use a shave and a shower.

And lunch.

But it's fun. I like it. I have a baby.

[livejournal.com profile] shimmeringjemmy gets this blissed look on her face once they get over the latch of nursing. It's wonderful to watch.

At some point I may go back to other kinds of posting.

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I'm pretty sure that I have mild Apnea. I don't get a lot of dreams anymore. At least not ones I remember. So when I have a night full of dreams... it's strange.

Much like the study of occult symbols... your dreams are typically a symbolic trek through the subconscious involving whatever you fed it with most recently.

Let's take a look inside Hermann's Head...

And now the highlights of an Andrei Dream:
click thru for the weirdness... )
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This meme falls into the range of very f*&#in scary

The questions make absolutely no sense at all. They seem to have nothing to do with the topic at all. The answer however came up oddly accurate.


Here's how it worked for me... )
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Please understand.. I love my [livejournal.com profile] shimmeringjemmy more dearly than I can ever express. And the fact that she is 20 weeks along is a wondrous thing.

That being said, she is a territorial sleeper. The bed becomes the board for a game of risk that she slowly annexes through the night. About 10 minutes before she awoke, I realized that she'd rolled herself to cordon off about 70% of the bed.

Her first general is a big, black, ball of fur that often walks into the center of the remaining space and sits in there holding the contents immobile while her leader rolls to annex more space.

This is usually the clue that it's time for me to abandon my loosing battle for bed-space and go downstairs to perform my task at private, last-class and give refill the food bowl for the aforementioned "Big, black, ball of fur."

And yet.. it's more amusing than anything else.
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Office and den are almost at the point where I can point and walk away from them. I've got about another 3-4 hrs of organization.

Tomorrow...err today.. Arrowhead comes and claims the water cooler. They don't deliver to Washington state. So, I'd have to pay $250 for the cooler. Not worth it. $9.95/month was fine, but if I'm going to buy one, it'll be through a vendor.

Next week I'll talk about our really fun surprise that I got on Friday of last week. Don't worry, we'll be legal (for the most part) ;)

The list for tomorrow... err today keeps getting longer.

Sp, poker and packing anyone. Wednesday evening?

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