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I typically keep my posts about politics and my political beliefs to my personal Facebook. However, I will admit that I have been on a constant  push to put all my content creation onto this blog. I have described it as “All things ‘Lord Andrei’.” As a result, I hope I don’t frighten off too [...]

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Originally published at Lord Andrei's Blog. Please leave any comments there.

@JaneEspenson on Twitter provides some motivation at the end of a very bad week and then unknowingly does something even more special.

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Andrei finds a question he can’t get clarity on concerning the ACA

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Originally published at Lord Andrei's Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Andrei takes a step into his recent past and doesn’t hate what he sees

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Originally published at Lord Andrei's Blog. Please leave any comments there.

This story is a work of original fiction combining several personal real experiences. Please do not copy this work without express permission. Thank you.

A group of students were preparing for an oral examination on Ethics.

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Even with religion as complex and personal as it is in our family; there’s always time for some warm, holiday, family ritual.

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Not every flight greets you with entertaining companionship.

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I take apart the old question “What would ##### do?” and try to come up with a far better question.

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To answer many questions, the result of our 3 1/2 year battle over Heather’s injury doesn’t go as well as we liked in court. Details in the post.

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I traced this from the web by hand. The purpose of this is: To bring back both a Thief, and the Goods which be stolen; and to discover all Wickedness, and Underhand Dealing; and to punish all Thieves and other Wicked People and also to discover Treasures that be Hid Tonight I sleep waiting to [...]

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Where the plot thickens, a clue is left… Or at least a note in Spanish. Help translate!!!!

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Originally published at Lord Andrei's Blog. Please leave any comments there.

How did my translated Spanish go? A minor victory? Sort of…

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Do you believe in angels?

This is a really good question. I'll say right off the bat... chreubs with wings and halos.. or any human with wings and halos... Not so much.

Now, I am a ceremonialist. LBRP at 20 paces and all. So I invoke the power of the archangels. And for visualization I go all the way. Michael: Big Guy.. flaming sword.

But belief... That's a different question. The concept of Angels in ceremonial magick, kaballah, and some biblical studies is sort of the middle management between the divine and physical world of existence.

You know I have enough problems trying to find my physical purpose and my attainment of a divine that transcends everything I might proscribe to it.

Now... There is the concept of the Holy Guardian Angel, I kind of view that as the first step to divinity beyond the perfection of self in this world. And maybe it is a separate entity or a projection of the divine that specifically deals with issues between me and the divine.... as opposed to everyone else.

As a kid I thought that Jim Croce was my guardian angel....

So... 93 == YMMV

I'm really not sure what's really up there beyond what I see. And I find the less I try to personify it, the better I begin to touch it.

Does that help at all?
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Saturday, much to the surprise of family, I did not use my laptop for 24 hrs.

In fact, I didn't use laptop, computer, cell phone, etc.

Personally, I felt I'd been spending too much time locked and loaded in.

Granted, Saturday was an easy day to try this because a good part of the day involved OLO.

Unfortunately, OLO gave way to me getting hit by the cosmic junk currently going around this week. (Less than fun).. To the point of missing [livejournal.com profile] princekermit's debut as a Deacon in the Mass. (Of which I reallllly wanted to attend)

Today, I'm recovering as best I can. I'm popping cough drops and corporate-pill-box multi-symptom cold tablets.
I am experiementing with another self-discipline test. I have managed to not put on my glasses today.

I have 20-35 vision. Which makes me highly functional, albeit blurred slightly at range. I can't clearly read my name plate on the door about 15 feet away. However, I can read the spines of the reference books about 2-3 feet away with practically no blurring.

So, why am I doing this.

I have been noticing that I've been acting more impulsively of late. I don't mind being in a schedule or having a rigid daily practice. However, I do mind when I do things automatically without thinking. A good example of this is loosing my glasses when in fact they are in the pocket of my shirt. Another example is forgetting where I've put a half drunk can of soda.

I want to have better control of the things I do. Why I do them. When I should and shouldn't be doing things. And most importantly, keeping track of the things I do. (Yay to ADHD absent mindedness)

So... We'll see how this little experiment goes.

Translation: Do I ever post on the topic again or is this just the "Distraction du jour"


(Opens brain case and pokes at his own brain)

"No, no. Don't tug on that. You never know what it's attached to" - Buckaroo Banzai to Sydney "New Jersey" Zweibel while doing Brain Surgery.
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So, Wendy got herself a crew of ruthless men and brave...

Sorry wrong epic.

This post is dedicated to the massively awesome [livejournal.com profile] bioentropy who posted an embed of one of my favourite XTC songs. "Dear God"

Embeded beyond the cut )

What was even more cool than posting such an awesome video for me was the fact that the video posted is subtitled. Which has been a common problem I have with net video.

So... I returned to college. Was given a Cunningham book of spells. Tried a love spell. It failed. And then went on about a 10 year search of what I believed in. I know I've posted this story a few times. Somewhere in there came hedge magick, chaos magick, and ceremonial magick.

Gods and Goddesses of many pantheons floated before me from history, mythology, and again D&D. I know as a kid I had a thing for Athena. (Don't laugh at the irony)

But at core.. I was monotheistic.

But divinity transcended gender. Gender was something that applied to anthropomorphized gods like the bearded man of my youth. And the goddesses were something I could study and appreciate but never truly touch without burying my gender for another.

So divinity to me became absolute perfection of all things.

Someone asked me how I defined God. I responded... Divinity (as I no longer like the term 'God' for divinity) is the single sum total of all things real and imagined that are, were, and ever could be.

Everything else is an aspect of the One Divine. Gods and Goddesses are anthopomorhised perfectives of aspects. Perfect beauty, perfect war, perfect wisdom... So what is "The God" of "The Goddess"?

Well, down south we used to have a God ritual called, "Pandemonium" (I don't know if they still have it)... Each of the local male magickians would choose a God form, "Thoth, Loki, Zeus, Quetzelcotl, etc"... they'd research the hell out of it. Make a costume and then bring that to the ritual.

At the ritual... Each god would take turns introducing "H"imself. He would explain what he held dominion over, what made him a god and how he was merely one god of "The TRUE God"... There was drumming and dancing. lastly our dear [livejournal.com profile] elqahar dressed as pan (dressed as? Hell Full on invoking!) would come out and glorify Pan and glorify the one TRUE God. Behind the altar behind the firepit was a curtain. At the height of invocation the curtain was drawn.

The one True God. The one thing that separated the True God from the True Goddess. A giant, golden 6 foot tall, "Oh look what we made"

Three priestesses (typically mother, maiden, and crone) would dance about it annointing it with Oils, and leaving Roses around it.

And pretty much it broke into a big dance party atmosphere after that. With several embarrassing pictures.

Such is my view of The God vs. True Divinity.

Where to go next after that? Ideas? Comments help!

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I really love the film version of Jeffrey (having not seen the stage show)

Nathan Lane plays a Catholic Priest (which he defines as somewhere between Altar Boy and Florist). He explains where most get their view of "God"

The Broadway artwork for My Fair Lady.

The big bearded man in he cloud pulling Rex Harrison's strings.

I was raised Jewish. So I got the Jew's eye view of God. (I refuse to use the term old testament as I always preferred "Testement of the God of the Jews, the cheap dime store sequel, and the wrap up to the unintended triology penned by that crazy guy") Granted, the Jew's eye view of God is that God is a scary male, like diety with often impossible expectations and a penchant for temper-tantrums. On the upside, he did say that polygamy was not only recommended but was in fact a blessing. Sadly, he was also way to misogynistic for my tastes... but I was a young twice-a-year Jew (We went to synagogue for Yom-Kippur and Rosh-Hashanna and spent the rest of the year looking forward to celebrating Chanukah (official andrei-english spelling) and suffering thru Passover.)

When you're raised a sort of Reformed-Hassidic-Conservadox Jew (our piety was metered by how close the Rabbi lived to us)... you get a rather warped view of your religion.

Next up... My collegiate disagreement with God. Loopholing bartering my soul to the devil. And Why Wiccanism didn't work for me.

All on the trip down amnesia lane of what makes up my current view of God.

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(the all famous, all pronouncing, all everything) THEY say admitting you have a problem is half the battle.

I thought about this this morning while working on code.

I thought... well, admitting there is a problem is half the battle.
Finding the problem is half of what is left
Identifying and understanding the specifics of the problem is half of what's left
finding the solution to the specific problem is half of what is left
implementing the solution is half of what is left.
Testing that this was the right solution is half of what is left.
Accepting the change is half of what is left.
Leaving extra room for all the other problems you'll need to fix once you've fixed this one.

That's right. Fixing yourself is hard because it is the ultimate Zeno's Paradox.
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So... if there is a creature known as the HGA: Holy Guardian Angel; which we might be able to define as the perfected self that tries to lead us toward the path of self perfection...

Does it follow that there might be an IDD (Infernal Destructive Demon): Which we might be able to define as the imperfected self that raises our weaknesses, ego, and makes us lower than we are.

How would we recognize the difference?
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I blame this entire post on one specific person. I'm pretty sure you're not reading this journal any more... But those who know me, know who I'm talking about. (And, yes... I do miss seeing this person)

So.. here's your lesson for the day in astrology if you didn't know this already:

Let's talk about the moon going “Void of Course”
(From Moon Void of Course and Moon Phases)
Knowing when the Moon becomes Void of Course is an easy way to begin to watch the effect of the closest heavenly body to earth-the Moon. The Moon becomes "void" when it's not making any major aspects to the other planets. This happens every few days for a time period ranging from a few minutes to a day or more.

Simply put, what this means from a practical standpoint, is that anything that is started when the Moon is void of course, doesn't pan out.
Starting a new business? Don't make it official until the void period is over.
Looking for an engagement date? Avoid the times that the Moon is void if you want to play it safe. One more thing. Don't push the send button on an important e-mail until the Moon void period is over. That is, unless you want nothing to come of it. Fretting over a possible negative outcome for a court case, a health issue or whatever?
The void of course definition still applies-nothing comes of it.

Can you override the effect of a void Moon? Maybe, but be prepared to double your efforts and then hope and pray for the best. Now, I have to tell you, the reverse strategy of starting something important when the Moon is not void doesn't guarantee success. I do know that starting something important when it is void, nearly always holds true; Nothing much happens. I also know that if I can avoid hang-ups and disappointments, that's enough to make me check my calendar.

Also from: Void of course moon Emphemeris
"Historic events during such periods have a wild, Pandora's Box impact on cultural evolution. The first two dozen successful spaceshots were all launched with the Moon Void of Course, to open an all-new age in which old concepts and ideas are corrected or disproven.

"In every presidential election from 1900 through 1972 one of the two major party candidates was nominated with the Moon Void of Course. Every one of the candidates nominated with the Moon Void of Course lost.

"Jimmy Carter's 1980 nomination came in a Void of Course Moon."

"John Kerry's 2004 and Al Gore's 2000 nomination came in a Void of Course Moon."

So, here are the last and next Void of Course periods. (All times PST)
Last: Moon went void on 12/29 @ 7:01 pm; Moon entered Cap 12/30 @ 6:35 am
Next: Moon goes void on 12/31 @ 1:09 am; Moon enters Aqu 1/1@4:15 am

So... what does this mean?

2006 will start V/C. And due to the date line and time zones... this one does not have a convenient time zone where you could 'hide out.'

So... how do you deal with this? Well, here's my opinion...

Start your New Years Eve celebrations today.
Make the entire event a process that begins now and terminates Sunday morning.

The entire purpose of the new year celebration is to draw to a close 2005. To put the old year behind you and to make way for a new, different, and hopefully better year. If you identify this process as watching Dick Clark (or his designated appointee) clamber for about 45 minutes, watch a shiny ball drop, and drink; then I think your process won't really help you make the transition this year and you'll kinda be stuck in that 2005 wave.

On the other hand. If you start the process now you can build up to a perfect moment charged from one sign and diffused in another.

Now this is just my own opinion... but it definitely warrants meditation and contemplation.
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I love quotations... Oh, wait we covered that.

I love collecting cliches.

Here's a new one:
A chicken without its galoshes is minced in the harvest of winter's balloons

Which leads to my philosophical revelation of the day:

Why do the greater mysteries of philosophy have to be so uniquely clear and yet so transcendent of the mundanities of language that we can not as a species share them?

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