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I typically keep my posts about politics and my political beliefs to my personal Facebook. However, I will admit that I have been on a constant ¬†push to put all my content creation onto this blog. I have described it as “All things ‘Lord Andrei’.” As a result, I hope I don’t frighten off too [...]

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Realllly busy at work today...

But wanted to THANK EVERYONE who contributed.

This morning we broke the goal of raising over $1,000 to help the Obama Campaign.

There may be another push next week as we get down to the wire. But I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone who is supporting this, how important it is to me.

The answer to that is, "Very"

Putting positive energy into the next 2 wks here.

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(Paraphrased from Avenue Q's Money Song)

So.. this morning I'd raised $440 in my efforts to raise money for Obama's presidential race.

Surprisingly, within about an hour I was up to $915.

This is including the amount I've offered to fulfil. This means if I can get just 4 people to put forth $25 then we blast through the goal I set several months ago.

Thank you so much to all who've donated. Thank you to anyone who has thought about it...

Friday morning will be the day that the Obama Campaign looks at it's current finances and figures out how to deploy in battleground states. So donations today and tomorrow will help guide that decision.

As always.. any support, even if it's just getting out the word or talking to friends and families helps ...


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We're into the final two weeks of the Presidential race.

This is where the message needs to get out to the swing states.

Every dollar helps bring this message to people in states that can swing from McCain to Obama.

Any amount can help. Repeat donations are especially welcomed.

Thank you.

I've been sitting at $440 for a while.

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Believe it or not, I'm really not for a bipartisan system. Everytime I hear the phrase, "I reach across the aisle" it really makes me sick. The truth is, the reasons behind saying the system is broken aren't the real reasons.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was someone who put the legislation in an easy to find place with translations out of the arcane language of 'legal' into hard facts of what the implications were?

Wouldn't you love to see who specifically tacked on the amendment to the bailout bill that said, "And by the way; all the taxes we used to collect from Puerto Rico for importing rum; lets give it back to their government for the next 2 years."

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the only topic the two parties agreed on wasn't "How can we make more laws to prevent a tertiary party from gaining a foothold to keep us in check?"

Will Barack Obama help fix these things? Probably not.

Does the party have a plan that might at least start reversing some of the problems that we've fallen into in the past 8 years? Oh yes.

I often hear that a president can't claim the economic rise and success that occurs during their term. That Clinton didn't help the economy; he inherited the work of Regan and Bush the first. Well, we see what the next president is about to inherit. And let me tell you. I don't see the budget snapping back in the next 4 years. I see it beginning to turn.

I don't like the idea of privatising Social Security and Health after what privatising and deregulation has done to the banking system. I don't like the idea of health being reduced to 'which state can offer the least for the least?'

I'm raising money in the hopes that my small contribution will join other's small contributions to help put into the White House the first candidate in pretty much my entire life that I can believe in.

I've set a goal for $1000 that I've helped raise. And truthfully, I'm really only hoping to get $750. Because if I can raise that much for Obama, I'll happily put in the other quarter.

I'm doing okay so far. But I am going to be on this for the next month. Because frankly... I don't like the outlook of a McCain administration.

Please consider supporting Obama's campaign with funds as well as your philosophical support. And most assuredly above all else. Vote. Even if your state seems like a done deal... Vote.

Thank you.

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I guess I'm one of Obama cronies

Help support the harshest month of the election by donating to Obama's campaign.

Even $5 helps, Even $1 helps... Granted more helps.. but any amount is better than nothing.
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Wamu takes a dive: that's NYSE:WM
Wachovia takes a dive: that's NYSE:WB

Other NYSE:W* to watch
NYSE:WF Woori Finance (off 20% today)
NYSE:WG Willbros Group (Off 16%)
NYSE:WL Wilmington trust (Off 14%)

But honestly.. following the basic pattern the next victim of collapse would be:
NYSE:VQ Venoco, Inc (Oil and energy company off 8% today to $12)
Though if we simply look at Investment/Banking between VQ abd WB we find:

NYSE:VT Vanguard Total World (Off 7.5%)
NYSE:VV Vanguarg Large Cap (Off 4%)

Have fun :)
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We're now into the final 100 days before our next election.

This is the time when the ads begin to make you really desire to throw your hands up in disgust and let the system brow beat us into an administration we can't support.

I'm standing in support of Barack Obama.

Obama is striving to run a campaign based on issues. Money is being raised from individual contributors only.
Commercials are focused on defending his platform.

Over 2 million voters are supporting Obama financially. Frankly, this is unheard of for any candidate in a presidential election.

But the process takes repeat support.

Even if you can only donate $5. It helps.
Even if you've donated before... It helps.

No matter what happens, stay active. Stay focussed. And don't let the legislators be the one to decide who our next president is.

I urge you to take a moment and look at my fundraising page

All money raised goes directly to Obama's election campaign.

Thank you.
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This is just a reminder...

Obama fought a hell of an impressive battle to make it to become the presumptive nominee for democratic candidate for President.

But now the real battle begins... and the cost to do this isn't over. The republicans are raising lots of money to fund McCain.

And money will be necessary to defray the costs to get Obama around the country.

I strongly suggest dropping by my fundraising site

It really doesn't matter how little you put forth.. but each dollar does help.

And every dollar goes directly to the Obama effort. None gets siphoned off in processing.

Just my $0.02 (and then some)
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I love writing these kinds of rants. They are never aimed at a goal. There is typically a motivation that gets me riled. Then I start writing. I express my gut feeling. Sometimes it leads me off the topic onto another one that may or may not seem related to anyone but me. I will admit that the sentence structure may have errors. (I think and write as I would speak and therefore use punctuation.... um creatively.) So, I nerble my ramblings in journal form. Pulling on dogma and writings that I (at the time of writing) put credibility and support into my opinions. Then I post.

The result is that some people comment. Some do not understand a phrase fragment I've dropped and I go back and restate it in English. Some immediately rip apart my 'train of thought' logic and I happily open a debate or say, "Gosh, that makes sense." And some read one line that was meant as a humourous "one-off" and focus on that. Regardless, I put these here because it's how I feel and how my mind (sorta) works (if we can call it working). It's a public statement and any person can respond in any way that they will.

So, now that those of you who haven't seen one of these things before have been warned....


Currently, on one of my boards is a debate over whether a magickal organization should pay attention to its financial state. This includes such things as maintaining a tax exempt status, realizing its assets, and growing its base of operations.

Ugh... sounds very corporate. Some have gone so far as to use phrases like, "Sucking the magick out." You see, in many traditions, money has this grubby and dirty connotation. If we invest ourselves in material possessions we cheapen ourselves and loose our spirituality.

Obviously, this explains why the monks and the priests and the hoo-hah out there need renunciation. Renunciate, renunciate, renunciate. Preach it with me. See the mystical figure chanting it much like Ballmer preaching to the developers.

I look at this and think simply... Bugger that

Let's go back to magick 101... )
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So, I've done some checking concerning selling shares of the company at this stage. I got good news and bad news... Well that's not entirely true... I got bad news.

At this stage since my business license has not been transfered from Sole Proprietorship to Corporation; we can't sell shares.

I am given the impression, we can take loans from people, that would be payed back in either cash, IOU, or some agreement to get a piece of the company at some point in the future.

So, basically, it looks like all we can do is ask for loans for people, track how much they've loaned us, find out how long they are willing to hold for either cash or equal to cash payback, and then hope.

Really a kinda sticky wicket

So, round 1 of the entrepreneurial game didn't go quite as well as planned. But even if I wind up pulling down only enough to survive and pay bills until I go back to full time work, this isn't stopping our work or research on this project.

I guess the good news, is it gave us a fairly swift kick in the pants. (I just wish it'd come about 2 months earlier)

I've already discussed the project with about 4 people, 2 seem interested in possibly putting in money. I have about 3 more people asking. everyone for the most part has gotten excited when I've lifted the cover off the project.

Concerning the job hunt and my resume... )

It's gonna be a long weekend. Whee.

More as more develops

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