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I don't mean to sound alarmist... well, okay.. I do mean to sound alarmist.

Today's post on my blog tosocnet will give all the details of why I've started this meme and perhaps why I suggest you consider doing the same.

All comments for this post are screened for privacy
If you actively or even inactively read me on LJ please consider leaving a comment with the following:

1) Your name or nickname you want me to remember you by
2) A Contact email
3) Other social networking sites you use. The best way to leave them is one of two ways:
    3a) A link to your profile page on the site
    3b) In URI format: okcupid://lordandrei
(note: I don't need your LJ profile, obviously)

List as many as you can!
Here are some ideas: LinkedIn, Friendster, Tribe, Facebook, OKCupid, Classmates, Twitter, Orkut (Well, if you're brazillian I guess), Amazon, Netflix

By the way... you may want to archive your LJ's just for safety. Sadly in my case that's over 2600 entries over a little more than 7 years.

To allay panic: I don't think LJ is going to vanish any time in the near future.
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..between Livejournal, their code, and the smtp servers of the world has apparently taken a step backwards again. I received no email notifications from LJ.

Thus believing that my last few posts went without comment. This morning I found about 15 comments to my iGod post when I actually looked at my journal page.

This is a bit annoying because the email is the easiest way for me to monitor the incoming comments.

Just my $0.02 while I play with some code.

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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cagekitten

I've been thrown in the mix at Random Post!
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327 user journals have been reduced by 117 journals (over 35%)

226 remain. If you feel that you shouldn't have been dropped because you read some of my filtered groups, drop a line. Again, nothing personal. And I may have checked the wrong box, so I may not have meant to cut you at all.

Comments filtered.
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This may be my first gloomy post. I should have gone to bed about an hour ago, but I've been working on this project for about 5 days.

As warned and warned and warned... I'm about to commit my first purge.

Currently I have 501 subscriptions on LJ (which LJ refers to as friends).
Of that number 341 are individual journals, (or at least not officially communities or feeds)
So far I have scheduled for purge around 30% of these. (just over 100).

This process is never easy. The journals I've picked include, people who don't subscribe to me, people who haven't posted in years, people that I've fallen out of contact with, people I just don't know that well or read very much.

None of these unsubscriptions should be considered as personal, as I bear no ill will to any journal owner that I'm dropping.

I will leave comments open (but screened to all). If you think you may be among the dropped and wish not to be in that group (especially in the event that you want to read my increasingly rarely made filtered posts) leave a comment. Please this is not an open season to beg. Just tell me that you really do read and I'll pull you off the list if you're on it.

To be honest, I really don't expect anyone I'm dropping to be among the people who comment.

Also, if you discover you were dropped, (because you didn't think you'd be on the drop list), first... again, don't take it personally. Second, if you'd like me to keep your journal in subscriptions (maybe for filters, but for any reason) again... Comment.

My first purge will occur at about 3pm tomorrow.

This will allow me to follow LJ more actively again :)
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Okay.. this is vaguely amusing.

To let you in on it: You will be asked for your LJ name, which friends you've met in person and then many random and at times amusing questions.

My answers below. Go have fun.

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answers )
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I've been up and down in posting in the past two months. This is ironically timed with my move.

I have 338 people listed in my 'subscription list' (I utterly refuse to refer to this as a friends list, with all due respect to those on my list who I call friends)

LJ has become an enigma for me on many levels. I love the sense of community that is built into it, but dislike the the lack of community that is caused by looking at journals not managed by LJ. I am constantly in a stage of keep up or die between my LJ subscriptions and the wealth of other sites that I use for both news and community information.

Add to that the threatened mass purge that I've just never been able to face due to the social and intellectual ramifications involved. For as a true procrastinator we do understand that the easiest way to deal with a difficult problem is to put it to the side until it becomes unwieldy and destroys us.

So, why haven't I posted?

Perhaps it's to avoid adding to the amount of data someone else processes. Perhaps there just hasn't been anything motivating me to really post about. Perhaps, I am just worried that I will swing back into making 5-9 posts a day and take up all my time.

In truth, I think it comes down to one really simple fact. I am a software solutions person at heart. To me this situation has an answer. I can feel it, touch it, smell it, taste it, caress it in my arms. But it's just not here yet. An organizational solution that will make my LJ experience jump light years away from where it is.

Each time I log on to LJ it is a reminder that drives me back to research.

The good news is that my research is bearing fruit. The earliest work is resulting in things that make me happy. As a result I keep coming back to LJ... for more.

If I'm not commenting a lot, it's not personal, it's not neglect, it's not disinterest. (Well, with a few of you that I should have purged a while ago, it is personal ;) If I'm not really posting a lot it's primarily because I'm wasting my time in other ways on the net. (Ooh, Pogo, you are such a time waste)

To be honest, it's been a busy 54 days since I ended my 5+ years in Southern California. I am still adjusting. Still finding my way through an entirely new life. So, in someways the old me is growing back, in other ways, the next me is beginning to blossom.

It's an interesting trip. I'm pleased to see where it is leading.

93, 93/93
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I'll be making a full NotoTon post soon :)

Many people have recently added onto my journal. (Not a large surprise, post con :)

As I do once every few months, I direct new readers to the filter poll:
I run several filters for the occassion when I post something that's relevant to one group but not the internet as a whole.

The filter list with explanations and poll (Oooh! Add me to this one!) can be found here:

Have at it. Oh, if you are already on the poll and decide to change something, leave me a comment so I can recheck :)
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My health is at about 80% depending on my drugs. But you can tell my spirits are up because I made a wopping ten posts today (self inclusive)

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Got a phone call this afternoon asking me to take a survey on my pizza delivery from yesterday. Annoyingly, the caller spoke some of the worst broken English I've dealt with. The accent was most assuredly Hindu/Indian in origin.

She was calling on behalf of a survey company purchased by the Pizza dealer. Yet, was unfamiliar with the product line.

I really wish there was a way to detect, "Yes, this person is in India" and terminate the call.

This gives me a chance to display my new icon (at least the first stab at it)...

I call it Bunnythwump.

I've wanted this icon for a while. The moment I saw the video, I had to eventually make the icon.

I painstakingly made it by hand by taking frame-by-frame pictures of a quicktime movie of the flash movie "Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me." - If you haven't seen this work already, go view it at the previous link. If you have seen it.... Go watch again. Then look at other animation by Bernard Derriman at his website Squetch.

That is all for now. And yes Virginia, there is a 9-post-in-a-day-Andrei.
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Well, healthwise I'm up to about 75-80%. I can tell because I made breakfast. Well, I assisted with Breakfast.

I spent the morning tagging posts. I have gone back 80 posts. Finishing 2 of which that were dangling. I can't go back further because LJ seems to no longer like the idea of:


I will do it from the month view as time permits.

Since I have no sense of self organization, I currently have 67 different tags. I tend to use 3-4 tags on average per post, I know one had 7 tags.

My current top ten tags are behind the cut
Top ten tags: )
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Congestion at about 30%.. My nose is doing that stunning ballet where one nostril is absolutely clear and the other is hermetically sealed. It's a ballet because at a moment's notice, the one nostril will pick the other up for a lovely grande jete and then they will switch roles.

The body aches are also down to about 10 %. It could just be a good moment in my back cycle.

The downside is that despite NyQuil I am wide awake. Ahh, yes. The Nighttime sniffling, sneezing, why the f*$& am I staring at the bedroom ceiling medicine.

In other news, yes, LJ has gotten all tagified. Yay. I can post things now and label them in advance. Eventually, these tags will probably form a system of filtering for the reader. For now.... just more meta data.

Granted, I know this change has sent [livejournal.com profile] fraserspeirs off to see what hackery he can do to XJournal.
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So, many people commented that the look was a little sad in the new picture.

So... off to the hotel I went, Powerbook with iSight in hand...

I posed...

Now it's up to you.

Behind the cut is a link to the picts and a poll....

Good? Bad? Give it up?

Gosh, how vain can I get? )
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For the first time in about 18 months I've changed my LJ picture.

The picture was taken at WWDC by me holding up my Treo 650 camera.

The face looks a bit sad, but it's merely the brain filling effect of data dump from the conference.

I figured I needed a more accurate picture of me.

Better, worse... Not sure.
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Regular updates at:

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I am fairly easily distracted. Such is ADD that many adults in my age group now seem to suffer from as easily as clogged sinuses.

I sit here at 12:15 am waiting for my pain killers to kick in... 3 root canals in one day. Even my dentist thought I was mad. And that was trying to find his way through what apparently was complex nerves.

So, one of my duties this week has been to repair an iBook that I personally managed to munge. In a stellar act of bravado, I clobbered the iBook by installing the new version of Mac OS, Tiger.

I tried a few repair methods in Seattle and now have the sick 'pooter here at my home office. My next planned attempt was to install a bare-bones OS onto one of my firewire drives to have a running scratch space from which to run some disk utils. So I found my old 10 Gig FW drive. I got this drive while I was in San Diego.

Opening the drive to peruse it, I found an encrypted 500 MB partition. Amazingly, I not only had the software to open it, but remembered the password. Oh, the treasures I found there. Not the least of which was a journal that dated to BEFORE my live journal days... BEFORE my California days. Matter of fact, one of my favourite entries right at the beginning reads:

5/9/98 9:21 AM (Pacific)
Okay…more reasons for the Journal. I’m taking this OTO thing that I’ve done fairly seriously. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. So hopefully, I’ll now be able to analyze that through punching it out in written (typed) form.

To put this in perspective, this entry occurred 20 days after my 1° which was also 55 days after my Minerval. That's right, less that 60 days in from joining the order and I'm talking about, "... this OTO thing..." and whether or not taking it fairly seriously, "...is good or bad." heh.

Later in the post I go on to say:
Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the Law. Eleven simple words that I’d already made a part of my life before I even met ΘΗΛΕΜΑ,

I marvel at my ignorance at noticing the phrase had eleven words and how little the number eleven meant to me then.

But I look at the journal then as I look at the one I have now.

Large canyons of space between entries. References to things I need to go back and fill in. Formulations of big ideas that trail off quickly. *sigh* Times that I think it'd be nice to start typing and not stop until I was done. Wishings that I could go back and find every, "I'll get back to this" and make a list so I could get back to them.

And most importantly, the discipline to keep up the progress. Not merely to post publicly, but to post my feelings without prodding the audience for a response. To post my private thoughts to me more often and consistently. And to finish what I start.

I view myself as a work in progress. Some things I have improved noticeably on in short amounts of time. Some things have changed in a more subtle way over much longer period of time. Some things haven't progressed anywhere nearly as much as I've wanted to. Some things have barely moved at all.

I am in a transition into a new phase of my life. Maybe this will be another thing that really begins to improve.

As the famous, "They" often say... today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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