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Me: And how have you been? Her: About as usual. Stressy. Me: *hugs* Her: It’s a thing. Me: http://bit.ly/LLi4ds ??? Her: Not that kind of Thing. Me: http://bit.ly/MmRZOe ??? Her: …no. Me: Oh, my bad. http://bit.ly/M4K6yw !!!! Her: …Yes.

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I haven't posted one of these in a while... But this one was fun:

lordandrei: Leaving campus
lordandrei: Hi Aiden
lordandrei: Does mommy know you're typing to me?
shimmeringjemmy:she does now
lordandrei: heh


Feb. 15th, 2008 11:42 pm
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Needing desperately to find someone to talk to. Not seeing anyone around to talk to.
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It's been a while since I've actually had an IM get to the point where I engage it. It's been even longer since I've had one that makes me add a whole new paragraph to the IM Rules Page.

This one is a winner. Meet rasclef2005 from Yahoo.
In 3 lines he hits rule 1, 3, and 4. But then he gets interesting with his confusion over my old Yahoo handle and my beliefs.
The conversation... )
So... rasclef has earned up paragraph 9. All for him and anyone else like him. Bravo :-/
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Well, they are out in full force today. The random IM'ers.

I have a new favourite exchange to make me scratch my head:

Me: So, may I ask how you came across my username
Mrn: yeah
five minutes elapsed
Me: Okay.. you got me. Since you said, "Yeah" I'll ask. How did you come across my username on Yahoo?
Mrn: yes
Me: sigh

They then Buzzed me so I blocked them. This was then followed by multiple requests to add me to their buddy list.

As a result, the page has been extended again. New rules, new comments.
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I must be getting healthy, the idiots are out in full force again:

Today's IM began:

4:12:10    Buzz!!
4:12:14    Hello.....How are u doing today?....Any single honest male here?

So I responded with:
4:13:27    http://tinyurl.com/2nprbg
4:14:16    Please read before sending any further messages

And of course as always happens I updated the posting at that link with new rules and changes. Check the link out. I'm always looking for suggestions.

Edit: Addendum
Why yes, I am listing the culprit instead of censoring it out. This is a change of policy. Why have I been bothering to protect these people :?)
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Well today saw another random 419'er drop on my virtual doorstep.

Here is a link explaining What a 419'er is

He violated no less than 75% of my IM rules.

My IM rules are basically sent to anyone who IM's me that I don't know. Within 2 lines they get the URL (which officially will change to a tinyurl ref: http://tinyurl.com/2nprbg)

Personally, there are a couple of things I wish you could do in the IM world:
1) Hit a spam button which gets your IM account and IM's temporarily monitored
2) Auto send a link, document to anyone who IM's you for the first time.
3) have some recourse other than "Block" against abuse.

Just my $0.02 for the day.

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This goes back to continue a thread from a crazed IM'er who decided to make me the target of his skewed survey.

I made a list of rules for contacting me via IM. It's sort of amusing to me the lack of need for this. The average person who this would apply to would neither read it nor follow it if they dared to read it.

Personally, I have the urge to add the following to the list.
Failure to read this list will result in you being taught a lesson in netiquette whether you want it or not.

Today's IM would normally have been ignored from line 1, but I was feeling expressly evil today

Click for the conversation... )


Aug. 4th, 2006 06:50 am
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Oh dear... the two great tastes that taste great together. While I don't have LJ open very often... I do live off of IM. This could be very.... very bad. If you haven't seen it by now... Look at: ljtalk for more info.
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I use two IM programs at once. iChat and Adium

Yes, for those who haven't figured it out yet... I am a Mac person.

I use iChat for my primary AIM account. I use Adium for all my other accts: yahoo, msn, ICQ, private AIM, lurking accts. No... I do not have an IM account as a 14 year old girl. (Shudder, those people scare me)

Since ICQ has "Authenticate to add" requirements for seeing a person's online status, I will occasionally get random auth requests. My policy, is that I don't add anyone I wouldn't be interested in talking to. Now, the auth request will often include a message. For example, "Thanks for the chat, here's the auth request you said I could send."

Today I got another random auth request. The message was along the lines of (actual link read and promptly forgotten):

User 153#8#4# is requesting authentication: The message is:

I like Adium/ICQ because you not only can deny authentication, but you can send a message back as well explaining the denial.

So... feeling extremely gregarious (and for those who know me really well there will be some humour in the irony of me choosing that word), I sent a simple explanation as to why I was denying authentication:

Spam spam spam. Die die die. Please log off and never use a computer again, you are a child with no sense of what the Internet is to be used for.

All the while envisioning Ling Ling (from "Drawn Together") attacking. Which has now been added as a new icon for future posts.
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Long day. Not a happy day. Lots of annoyances from many angles... Here is one of today's. Yet another IM'er I didn't even have the patience to harass:

mubeenhomeboy 3:03

Andrei 3:03
Excuse me?

mubeenhomeboy 3:04
oh why

Andrei 3:04

mubeenhomeboy 3:04
ask me why i call ui that

Andrei 3:05
How about just telling me rather than asking me to ask you. Secondarily, please do not 'buzz me'. I will be more than happy to block that form of behavior

mubeenhomeboy 3:06
my name is mubeen
the reason why i call u dad is that any time i saw men id u remind of my father ok

Andrei 3:08
Perhaps you missed the fact that I said, do not buzz me. I will make this simple by blocking you now.

mubeenhomeboy 3:08
sory for that
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About once every X months, I get a message from the same loser on Yahoo.

Hey buddy, you ever like to play kinda rough with guys? you ever use any nerveholds? sleepers? "energy" pressurepoints?

The first time in September of 04, I tried to politely communicate that it wasn't my thing. He kept steering the conversation to violent energy usage. Finally I responded:

Just out of curiosity, is this the only topic you decided to chat me about. I think I've tried to let it run it's course, but we keep coming back to rough play, and harsh use of pressure points? I've tried to politely impress on you that I don't do it and for the most part don't approve of it from an occult point of view. But this seems to not be to much effect.

He went away. For 9 months. On 3/31/05 I got the exact same message from the same luser.

I responded immediately:
Haven't we been through this already? You had the wrong guy when you messaged me in July, and 9 months later, I am still straight and don't play rough with other men. I don't play with other men.
He responded: Sorry, forgot you!

8/1/05 (only 5 months this time)
Same IM, same message.
I respond:
How many times are we going to go through this until you stop asking me. What mailing list are you going thru to pull my ID? I need to unsubscribe from it. You don't even change your line. Every 3 months the same thing.
sorry! I;ll put you ignore
Put me on don't message any more. What list do you keep pulling my name off of? The next time I get your flyby messaging the log will be filed and reported.

So... today... 9/9/05, barely a month... (He must be getting more desperate)
I'd had enough. Captain Aries decided to put on the strangle hold:

Congrats. You're about to be banned. Please mark this ID down. As I didn't appreciate this on 7/1/04, 3/31/05, 8/1/05, and today. May I suggest that you log off and not use Yahoo ever again. As it seems as you are not able to not only use it in a mature manner, but can't even seem to track anyone down to join in your kink and you have to keep recycling the same IDs every x months. By banned, I don't mean blocked. I mean Yahoo abuse will now be contacted and your acct will be terminated. You have been requested to not message me on 3 previous occassions. 3 strikes. Your gone.

Why yes, I do keep my logs.

Why yes... I did write Yahoo.

Now understand... Each person has a right to whatever kink they have. AS LONG and I repeat in caps with bold AS LONG as it is with a willing and consenting person. Believe it or not, morons of the world. NO, does in fact mean, "NO."


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