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Rent: the broadway film


It is worth every dollar. Twice if you consider yourself a fan.
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My huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] faerievixen2 who offered to watch the little guy.

[livejournal.com profile] shimmeringjemmy and I obviously don't get many date nights. One thing we certainly never do is go to the movies.

I stumbled upon a movie that I had no choice but to take her to.

There will be a limited engagement of "Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway."
This will run in Seattle from Weds Sept 24, thru Sun, Sept 28 (no show on Friday)

The film is the full 2 hour 45 minute show as played on Broadway for one of it's final performances. Many of the original cast were on hand and appear in the film.

As it's H who introduced me to this Musical... I can't help but bringing her to it.

And I am sorry to not tell everyone first. But... Discretion the better part of valour... Getting a sitter with a potentially popular conflict... Yes.. I guess I prove myself a small bit of a bastard.
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I have often posted about probably my all time favourite film. "Escape to Witch Mountain"

Thanks to a link by [livejournal.com profile] shadesong it looks like Disney is going to take another poke at the venerable film. Like anyone else who loves a classic film or book... this makes me fidgety in a 'not so good' way.

There are so many pieces of this original film that just work so well together. The original preview for the film was pretty much excerpts from the intro with several clips cut in. The music was haunting and riveting. This coupled with the simple images left me (at about the age of 8) contemplating the mystical symbolism of the title, the children running, and of course the animated dogs.

For those that haven't seen this (and those that just want the nostalgia rush); I attach the opening 3 minutes of the film. This is predominantly the film intro with credits. I suggest headphones or a quiet room.

This is a film that lives in my library and I am MORE than happy to show it to anyone who is curious.

P.S. This one stands alone. The sequel, the remake, the pilot. None have the magic that this film carried.

Final note: This isn't so much trivia as I don't know the answer; but I'd be thrilled if someone out there did. The original film is credited to be based on the book of the same name. I, however, remember that there was some legal fluff that the book itself was based (plagiarized) off another story. The title was along the name of, "The People"... It's about a woman (School teacher?) who comes to a quiet town and discovers a quiet bunch of folks. The interesting characteristic is that everyone in town shuffles their feet. She later discovers this is out of fear that they will fly (from Telekinesis) A town full of people hiding and ashamed of their abilities.

Any info on this story (which was became a made-for-tv movie) would be VERY appreciated.

That's all for this morning.
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Was the Locnar truly and simply a MacGuffin?

Discuss... )
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So what do you think as a double feature:

Groundhog Day
50 First Dates

hrmn. :)
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... I found a question on Yahoo's Q&A board.

The question was simple:
What do A-list actors, B-list actor, C-list actors, and D-list actors mean?
I heard that B-list are TV actors, and A-list actors are movie actors.
Can someone set it straight?

Unfortunately, someone gave the stock answer:
Okay..obviously you don't understand the social pyramid of hollywood.Dude here it goes: A-listers are particularly successful movie stars or celebutantes or whatever ranging from Will Smith to Paris Hilton, that is how various it is;B-listers are tv actors or other not too successful movie actors or not too known celebutantes like Ashley Johnson or more correctly, Kimberly Stewart;C-listers are rich but they are now probably former tv or movie actors and musicians that might be on some reality show;D-listers are not very important in the hollywood food chain but they do get some recognition they usually include comedians ranging from Michael Ian Black to Godfrey and others....I hope you get it now.

This is dangerously inaccurate. I use the term dangerously because it's close enough to accurate that it will lead people to sometimes correct but more often than naught incorrect assumptions.

A digression on 'dangerously incorrect' answers )

So.. this was my answer to the question.. Which I had to squeeze down to 300 characters because the window of opportunity had been closed:

The Short Form )

But to elabourate: The Long form )

So this is just my general opinion and is a lead in for a post that's about 75% done that I think will be kinda cool.
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Back on May 1st, I offered up some rude photo trivia in regards to finding a connection between to movies: Mary Poppins and The Wicker Man

Picture behind cut: )

So, how rude could it be? )
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[livejournal.com profile] shimmeringjemmy and I have still not seen SW III.

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Clipped from [livejournal.com profile] closer2myself

How's your pop-culture feeling?

They say over 70 you're a cinema whore )
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So, I brought up the question... Who would you consider the next Tracy/Hepburn

My answer may seem a bit off but I'll try to support it:

With a natural sense of chemistry and the ability to go over the top and still very subtle, I'd have to go with:
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore (old comment also exposed)

I rented 50 First Dates strictly on the merits that I actually adored The Wedding Singer.

Now I have to admit I had a really low tolerance for Adam Sandler. Happy Gilmore, Waterboy, Big Daddy... couldn't stomach any of them. But with WS there's a balance that we see in Sandler's work. The balance comes from Drew Barrymore.

If it were just WS I could chock it up to Barrymore saving Sandler on screen. But the chemistry strikes a balance and they are able to find that point again in 50. Surprisingly with relatively different characters. I say relatively because it's still obviously Sandler and Barrymore. But to be honest, Spencer was always Spencer. But he slid into role after role very well.

So... Sandler/Barrymore. That's my pick for the next Tracy/Hepburn. :)
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So, every now and then I present readers with a question. And in my drugged haze of Tylenol and dear codeine I find myself with a distraction.

I like Classic films. Desk Set with Tracy and Hepburn... A classic pairing...

So.. I put it out there...

Who would you cast as a contemporary Tracy/Hepburn?

Now I don't mean remakes of their work. I mean, what male/female comedic pairing do you think could be termed the new Tracy/Hepburn....

I'm going to post my opinion and then screen it. I'll show mine before the end of the week. You show me yours :?)
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So, lately, I've gotten in the habit of actually using DirecTV to watch movies that otherwise I just wouldn't typically watch... well, willingly.

Today's was "Little Nicky", Adam Sandler's son-of-the-devil film.

This was actually a surprisingly good film. I am horrifically surprised and a bit ashamed.

But... go rent it.

As for Seattle and catching up... more posts forthcoming.
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So it's been awhile since I've done any of my truly cruel trivia.

In celebration of Beltane, [livejournal.com profile] shimmeringjemmy and I watched, "The Wicker Man." If you haven't seen this pearl I absolutely recommend it. I like many other fans live in terror not of the film that was mis-categorized as Horror in the early 70's. No, we live in fear of 2006 when Neil LaBlute directs Nicolas Cage in a remake of The Wicker Man.

That being said... On to the trivia...

My mind works in bizarre ways. I found a picture that in some miniscule way has a very definite tie to something in the Wicker Man. Take a look at the picture... make your best guess. Comments will be hidden initially but I will reveal them as people guess. :)

Ready for the last picture you might expect to see relating to Wicker Man?
Take your best guess )
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Snarfed from [livejournal.com profile] fiannaharpar

Which Incredibles Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

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